Makers of Compliant and Privacy-Friendly Web Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics is a product of Input Objects GmbH. We are a Berlin-based company.

Simple Analytics are Simple

Simple solutions are great to get started. Their simplicity allows them to collect very few data points. But your business might eventually outgrow a barebones solution. It would be great to flip a switch, collect necessary consent and get on with your business?

We constantly update our product, adding more interesting data points and charts. So it is worth sticking with us.

Compliance is not a buzzword

Today, if you want to analyze traffic from the biggest single market, the EU, you have to comply with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations. Our research found that many solutions on the market claim compliance with various regulations but leave room for interpretation. What was once true might not always be correct. The landscape has undergone a significant shift after the Court of Justice of the European Union struck down Privacy Shield. For instance, if your vendor is incorporated in the EU but uses infrastructure managed by a US company, you might violate the regulations mentioned earlier.

We strive to be compliant with all major regulations. And we update our product constantly. We give you tools to tweak and adjust what and how you collect on your website. This way, you can control your regulatory exposure.

Data Sovereignty

Internet is a manifestation of the globalized world we live in. It is an incredible marvel. No matter what is your opinion of globalization, it is a reality. We do not encourage selecting a product based on nationality or HQ location. We encourage consciously choosing products from businesses that operate in jurisdictions with laws compatible with yours. We are proudly a European enterprise. We offer you a solution by Input Objects GmbH, a company operating in the legal framework compatible across all 27 countries of the European Union.

Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns, shoot us an e-mail. We are a friendly bunch.