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Getting Started

Start analyzing traffic in no time. Create an account, log in and start adding your websites.

Adding Analytics to Your Site

Whether you use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or no-code tools like Bubble or Webflow, we have a guide for you. Of course, we also support custom websites - you will find relevant instructions in this section.

Site and Configuration

Tweak your configuration depending on what and how you want to track. You are in control. Want cookies? We can support that. Want to track custom actions? Sure thing, check how to enable these.

Analytics Dashboards

Our dashboards are friendly and easy to read. However, if you are coming from another tool, you might be curious about our terminology and where to find specific information.

Tracking Visits

There are many ways you track your website traffic. Let's go through some examples and see which works best for you.

Data and Privacy

In this section, we clearly, with full transparency, document how we process and store your and your users' data.


Wide Angle Analytics is your best Google Analytics alternative. Here's how it stacks up compared to others.

Custom Actions

Custom Action allow for tracking far beyond just pageviews and unique sessions. Track downloads, clicks and custom events to track your goals and evaluate your UX experience.


How do you manage your organization? How to invite customers or colleagues to collaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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