ePrivacy Compliance

The revised ePrivacy Regulation is not yet binding. It is still under review by the authorities. However, we are making our platform future proof so that you can benefit from the compliant tooling from day one.

We are committed to privacy, protection of Human Rights and protection of your business against issues stemming from compliance. Wide Angle Analytics is ready to fully comply with ePrivacy Regulations.

The ePrivacy is clear No Consent = No Tracking.

Data Presentation Impact

  • Tracker or service no longer record unique visits. As a result, charts no longer include unique visits.
  • Service can no longer process visitors IP Addresses. There is no way to guess the geolocation without an IP address. The map view will be disabled.
  • The Referrer and Regions summary will be disabled and hidden.

Client-Side Impact

Explicit consent is necessary to collect information about Terminal Device. Wide Angle Analytics tracker cannot capture information about device resolution, nor can it generate a comprehensive browser fingerprint. In addition, the tracker can't collect the information about referring traffic.

However, it is possible to collect which URL was visited and select query parameters.

Service-Side Impact

The HTTP request will expose the following information:

  1. IP Address
  2. standard HTTP headers, like User-Agent
  3. the request from the tracker script

IP Address

The service will discard the IP Address when ePrivacy is in effect and no consent was provided. The address will not be processed. There is no clever trick or obfuscation that can help here.

Truly Essential Purposes

The edge infrastructure uses the IP Address to detect abuse and fraud. A separate system, completely detached from the data processing mechanism, creates a local, short-lived record of the IP Addresses. These are cleared after a short period (minutes) and never passed for further processing.


As the request uses a standard HTTP mechanism, the tracking event will include the client's User-Agent. The Wide Angle service promptly anonymises this information by extracting only generic information, such as operating system type and browser brand. The original User-Agent header is discarded and never stored.

Request from the tracker

Even if the tracker script sends the browser fingerprint or device details, these will be discarded. Therefore, these details won't be stored or processed.

Summary of data collection and processing in ePrivacy mode

Assuming you are using the service in a default mode, without consent, these are the data we collect, or not, on your behalf:

Data point Controlled by Collecting?
Page visited Client
Request parameters (ref, utm) Client
Browser vendor Service
Operating System type Service
Generic device type Service
Verbatim User-Agent Service
Device details Client
HTTP Referrer Client
Fingerprint Client
Cookies producing Service
Cookies sending Client
Unique visits Service
Visits duration Service