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  • Strict GDPR adherence
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  • Cookies or not, you decide what's best for your business
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Laudea operates in the Intellectual Property field. We handle sensitive and confidential information. With Wide Angle Analytics, we have complete control over the collected data. Thus, we can assure our customers can visit our site without undue exposure to tracking.
Laudea Research GmbH Dr Anna Wieczorek
Dr. Anna Wieczorek
Managing Director

Laudea Research GmbH
We are a Canadian consulting agency we specialize in content development, marketing, and User Experience Design. Many of our clients operate within the healthcare field, where sensitive personal information must be protected by legislation. We were looking for a reliable and professional analytics service provider that had bonafide privacy credentials backed with dependable and prompt support. Although there were other providers we considered, none offered the level of business reliability that we were looking for. Wide Angle was the only provider that impressed us with their attention to our robust requirements, and their ability to deliver on the specific featureset we required.
Asterlab Inc Managing Director of Asterlab Inc
Sal Taghleb
Managing Director

Asterlab Inc
I run a company that offers sustainable produced goods. We aim to produce them in a fair way, but that is only one side of it. The other one is how much we care about handling our customers' data fairly. This has an enormous value to us as a brand, and that is why we chose to work with WAA, because it enables us to implement this very vision.

Moreover, WAA is a program that one can operate him/herself, without the help of any data-analyst experts. It has a fresh, modern UI, very easy, intuitive and readable dashboard.
LANDEBAHN Ewa Nowakowska
Ewa Nowakowska


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