Wide Angle Analytics vs Matomo

Matomo is a great solution. It is one of the first of its kind. We would strongly recommend looking into it if you consider a self-hosted solution.

If you are looking for cloud-based web analytics, here are a few reasons why you should consider Wide Angle Analytics instead.


Detail Wide Angle Analytics Matomo
No need for Cookie Banner ✔️ yes ❌ no
Data Hosting EU with OVHcloud Europe but with AWS
Schrems II compatible ✔️ yes ❓ with consent
Incorporation 🇪🇺 Germany, EU 🇳🇿 New Zealand
Pricing per site per events
Example cost for 3 million events €39/pcm €309-790/pcm
Custom domain ✔️ yes ❌ enterprise plan only
Page views analytics ✔️ yes ✔️ yes
Geolocation statistics ✔️ yes ✔️ yes
Linear Attribution coming soon ✔️ yes
Click and download tracking coming soon ✔️ yes
A/B testing ❌ no ✔️ yes

Disclosure: the above is curated list of features. You can find more details about Matomo on their website.

Space Shuttle level of control

Unless you are a tech-savvy and experienced professional, Matomo might feel overwhelming. It can feel like operating a Space Shuttle.

We designed the Wide Angle Analytics interface with simplicity in mind. We believe that the most important data should be effortlessly accessible.

Location, Location, Location

Wide Angle Analytics is a European enterprise. We are incorporated in Germany and follow German and EU laws. We host all our services with a European hosting provider, the OVHcloud. Today we host our data exclusively in the EU. In the future, when we venture to host data closer to the end-user in North America and APAC, we will continue to leverage OVH infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Matomo is incorporated in New Zealand. You have to be aware of the impact this has on your risk exposure. Moreover, the cloud-hosted infrastructure leverages Amazon AWS services. Based on various European Data Protection Authority rulings, this means you cannot use Matomo in any capacity without explicit consent.

Size matters

Wide Angle Analytics tracker script is only tiny 12 kilobytes. Compare this with close to 120 kilobytes you need to transmit for Matomo to work. Matomo requires a 10x bigger script.

Let's not forget that with Matomo, you will also need an additional script for collecting consent. Thus further adding to the performance penalty.

Wide Angle Analytics is much smaller and won't require a consent with the default settings.


Cheaper does not always mean better. And with the rich features that Matomo provides, its high price point might be justified in your case. Even so, you will pay-as-you-go. Therefore, you will have to monitor your event count and plan your expenses based on the usage.

You want to focus on your business, not the pageviews quota. You care about maximizing visits and do not want to concern yourself whether you have the right plan. So we give you one plan with a price per site. With a 3 million events allowance, you have a lot of space to grow. That's 100K events per day. And don't worry if you experience a sudden burst. We look at the usage using three-month rolling average. Need more capacity? We are just an email away. Get in touch.

The icing on the cake: Wide Angle Analytics is considerably cheaper at 3 million events per month.