Wide Angle Analytics Plugin For WordPress

The philosophy of Wide Angle Analytics is to enable a comprehensive configuration via dashboard. We refer to this as Remote Configuration. However, to fulfil our commitment to respecting users privacy and supporting your business in meeting compliance requirements, we need to make sure that no critical data leaks in the first request.

To assure you have full control over data send as early as first request, we support a selection of Local Configurations.

This can be tricky to configure, especially as WordPress encourages a highly optimized solution for users, even those less tech-savvy, to get stuff done.

Hence, we devised a plugin that allows WordPress users to easily configure Wide Angle Analytics on their site.

Here are a few simple steps you will need to follow:

Search for And Install Wide Angle Analytics WordPress Plugin

Official Wide Angle Analytics plugin is listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory. You can install it directly from your WordPress Admin panel, by going to Plugins and searching for Wide Angle Analytics.

Press Install. Once installation is complete, proceed to installation.

Activate and Configure plugin

Once installed, the plugin can be activated.

WordPress settings menu will list Wide Angle Analytics menu section. Here you will find all relevant settings.

Once you press save, plugin will be responsible for adding relevant HTML to the <head> and <body> sections.

Plugin is not adding tracker code in:

  • Admin Pages
  • Feed (i.e. RSS)

This means you don't have to exclude /wp-admin paths, as these won't be tracked by default.