Privacy-Friendly and GDPR Compliant Web Analytics

Best alternative to Google Analytics

  • You want to know your online audience better.
  • You want to know which marketing campaigns work best and where.
  • And you want to identify traffic patterns.
  • Not only that, but you want to do it ethically and responsibly

Excellent 💖 We can help!

There are many Web Analytics products on the market. But you are better off with privacy-first web analytics by Wide Angle Analytics. Here are a few reasons why.

Reliable Tracking

Our unique approach to tracking means we can reliably identify unique visits. Furthermore, we do it with the utmost respect for privacy. Unlike some other vendors, our anonymization process is not reversible.

Cookieless or Not – Your choice

By default, we do not use cookies, and our tracker script is not collecting any Personal Data. Therefore, assuming you are not using other trackers, you can abandon Cookie Banner.

Our philosophy is to put you in charge. Therefore, we give you the ability to enable cookies. You can identify returning visitors over an extended time by having cookies enabled. It is your choice, which we happily facilitate.


You pay for our service with money. Not with data. Simple.

We let you focus on your business and growth and not fret about the usage. There is no need to worry about how many page views you will have.

Single plan. Simple pricing. No sliders. No pay-as-you-go.

Our plan includes 3 million events per month for each site. Fair use policy means that we won't cut you out once you reach this limit. Instead, we will monitor your usage over a longer period and reach out to discuss a plan going forward.

Need to handle more than 3M+ events per month? Get in touch. We will be very happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.

Check out the full plan detail on the pricing page.

Why Pay if Google Analytics is Free

Is it free? We disagree.

First, there is no explicit charge for up to 10 million events. Then you are looking at the enterprise version, which costs a 6-figure amount.

Secondly, you are paying with your and your visitors' data even before that. The tech giant will create visitors profiles and measure advertising performance. You are supporting Google in making their Ad network more efficient. How do you think your competitors will leverage this?

Geographic Traffic Source

Wide Angle Analytics gives you information about where your visitors are coming from. You can click on a country and drill down to the province/state level. This additional data point gives you more insight into the traffic on the national level.

Our location resolution uses an offline database. We don't leak the IP of your visitors to a third party.

Flexible Filters

Mix and match filtering criteria as you please. Click on a data point to create a new filter. Click another one to create a union or intersection of data sets.

It is very fast.

No Penalty to Site Performance

Our tracker script is tiny. It weighs under 10 kilobytes and does a lot while at it. There is just one script. Embed it in the site and we do the rest.

When possible, you can apply configuration changes remotely. You don't have to update the site code for every tweak.

We monitor our infrastructure closely. Our API is lean and fast, recording incoming events in the low milliseconds range.

This means your users and visitors won't even notice we are there. Your website stays responsive.

Built and Hosted in the European Union

Despite having European data centres, certain cloud providers are still subject to lax privacy rules and CLOUD Act. That is why we host our services with a European-based cloud provider, the OVHcloud. This gives us the confidence we can meet your growth and compliance needs.

Your data resides safely in either Germany or France.

We talk more about our features on a dedicated page.