Why You Should Submit a Guest Post to Wide Angle Analytics

A young woman, content creator, writing an article on a laptop.

Have you ever found yourself feeling compeled to write an article on digital rights? Or maybe you've been the one explaining the nuances of GDPR to your peers?

Or perhaps you are a digital marketing expert, SEO aficionado, or a web analytics and tracking guru?

If so, there's an exciting opportunity just for you! Wide Angle Analytics is welcoming thinkers, innovators, influencers, and subject experts to share their insights with our vast audience.

Here's why you should consider submitting a guest post to our blog.

  1. Broaden Your Reach: Our platform caters to a diverse range of readers, from tech enthusiasts to business owners, curious about the digital landscape. By sharing your expertise on our blog, you can amplify your voice and connect with a broader audience.
  2. Dive into Rich Topics: Whether you're passionate about Google Analytics, branding, entrepreneurship, or any of our key focus areas, there's space for your voice on Wide Angle Analytics. Explore intricate details, debate popular opinions, or offer a fresh perspective - the choice is yours!
  3. Connect with Like-minded Individuals: Our community values knowledge and critical insights. Your guest post might just be the catalyst for a meaningful conversation, introducing you to potential collaborators, partners, or even new friends.
  4. Flexibility in Language: Do you articulate best in French? Or maybe you have a flair for writing in Spanish? No worries! We welcome content in English, French, Spanish, and German, ensuring that language is never a barrier to sharing your expertise.

A Few Guidelines to Keep in Mind

While we're eager to hear your thoughts, there are a few rules to ensure the quality and authenticity of our content.

  • No Follow Links: All links in your post will be nofollow by default. This ensures genuine content that adds value to our readers.
  • Strictly No Affiliate Links: Our readers trust us for unbiased, authentic insights. To maintain this trust, we do not allow affiliate links in our posts.
  • Media Attributions: If you're adding any media to your post, ensure it's attributed correctly. However, we have a soft spot for content that doesn’t require attributions!
  • Authenticity is Key: AI-generated content lacks the personal touch and insights of human thought. Hence, we request that all submissions be original and human-authored.
  • Say No to Keyword Stuffing: While SEO is essential, our primary focus is on providing valuable content. We discourage keyword stuffing, ensuring the content flows naturally.

Ready to Share Your Insights?

Your unique perspectives, invaluable research, or personal experiences can be a beacon for our readers. Enrich our platform with your knowledge, and expertise.

If you're all ready to contribute or if there's anything you're curious about, feel free to reach out.