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Assess impact and value with analytics friendly to your business and users.

Create value where it matters. Respectfully.

You want to know what works. You want to know what brings value.

To measure is to know. We can help.

Capture your audience activity, preferences, and needs. Measure impact of actions and changes. Do it with the utmost respect for users' rights and privacy.

The Wide Angle Analytics allows you to easily integrate solution to effectively analyze the traffic. We help uncover behaviour and measure impact. We do it while respecting and preserving the rights and privacy of your users.

  • Gain insight into your visitors needs

    Inspect where your visitors are coming from. Uncover locations from which is your Internet traffic. Get clear, actionable statistics about devices, screen sizes and software versions. Uncover patterns governing your audience.

  • Measure what's important

    Track campaigns. Have the freedom to define granular parameters on each request. Leverage rich API to enrich analytics with additional data. Correlate non-browser events with user activity to measure the impact of changes and service availability.

  • Respect the rights of your audience

    Avoid tracking your users in an intrusive way. Always be sure that your traffic is processed safely and in a compliant manner. Have a full grasp on who and how accesses your visitor details. Own your data.

  • Make it easy without sacrifices

    Easily enable analytics on your Internet property. Integrate via secure API for more powerful features. Analyze your data easily slicing and dicing the data by properties that matter to your business. Quickly export data to satisfy your unique needs.