Web Analytics For Agencies

For digital and media agencies aiming to unlock the full potential of their customers' websites.

Ideal web analytics fro digital agency
Web analytics with access controls. Share your analytics dashboard securely.

Share dashboards and reports with clients

Easily control access to each website dashboard. Our no-fuss access control will allow you to share analytics dashboards with your client.

Easy to use interface makes for an everyday delightful experience

Delightful experience

Create a delightful experience by skipping Cookie Banners. Let the audience dive straight into what matters.

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Wide Angle Analytics offers friendly, human support.

Professional support

Our friendly support will be delighted to help you via live chat, email or phone. We don't use annoying bots; you go straight to a human.

Privacy-first and strictly GDPR-compliant web analytics for you and your clients.

Data Processing Agreement

Rest assured that your customer data is safe with us. Our strict GDPR compliance means you can safely deploy web analytics on your customers' properties without exposing them and yourself to compliance problems.

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Analytics that grow with your needs. Virtually no limits.

Virtually unlimited*

It is fantastic not to worry about the limits. A high traffic volume is often an indicator of great design and marketing effort. We give you a generous and expandable allowance. Enjoy your success.

Web Analytics that evolve in response to new market conditions. New features added frequently.

New features driven by you

Have a say in the future of the product. Your valuable feedback helps us to add new reports and dashboards. Be the first to get access to new delightful features influenced by you!

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* Business Plan (for Agencies) comes with 10 million events, 40 sites and 100 users out of the box. All these are upgradable.

Frequently Asked Question

What make web analytics for Agencies special?

Digital and Media agencies often server multiple clients. A solution that allows sharing relevant dashboards with their clients is an important aspect of such a tool.

Wide Angle Analytics allows you to easily invite multiple clients to your organization account and share only selected, relevant website analytics with them.

How can share dashboard with your clients?

Simply invite your client to your organization. Once they accept the invitation, they will be able to dashboard and reports attached to their websites.

The Business plan subscribers can control site access permissions. This feature lets you give permission to a specific user or client to access a selected site dashboard.

On a Team plan, you can invite others to join your organization, but you cannot control access permissions.

Why is GDPR-Compliant web analytics essential for Agencies?

Some agencies go as far as to host and maintain the website themselves. If you do so, you will be playing a key role in data processing activities. Depending on the product and scope of engagement, the Agency will be either Data Processor or Data Controller.

If your Agency is Data Controller, you are responsible for data privacy, security and legal compliance of the service. Don't risk it with questionable solutions that are under heavy regulatory scrutiny or lack proper documentation and disclosures. In case the website is found to break GDPR, you will be liable, and you will have to pay the penalty.

When your Agency is classified as Data Processor only, you're not off the hook. You have legal responsibility to provide your client with all the documentation, disclosures and assure data security. The final decision how to act on this information will be the client's responsibility. With GDPR being a hot topic and fines being applied frequently, your client will shop around for agencies and digital media provider that is ready to put their minds at ease.

Disclaimer: information on this website does not constitute a legal advice.

How does the end-user experience benefit from privacy-first web analytics?

With Wide Angle Analytics, the privacy-first web analytics, you can skip the Cookie Banner. Let's be honest, those annoying pop-ups are the bane of Internet user's existence.

Cookie Banner pop-up steals the thunder from your awesome design and diminishes pleasure or outright scares away the website visitor.

Go on cookieless diet with our compliant and privacy-focused web analytics.

Disclaimer: information on this website does not constitute a legal advice.

Does Wide Angle Analytics offer Integrations?

Yes! We offer loads of integrations for popular publishing and hosting platforms. 

We even publish and maintain official WordPress plugin.

In our documentation you will find visual guides how to enable privacy web analytics on your Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, Carrd, Ghost and Bubble website.

How many users and clients can I invite?

Our Business Plan allows the organization to have up to 99 members. That's the account owner plus 99 other users. We do not distinguish between people who are your colleagues, contractors, or clients when it comes to the number of members.

If you need to invite additional people, please contact our friendly support to discuss options.