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Consent-Free Tracking - Use Web Analytics without Cookie Banner

Modern-day websites are often cluttered with pop-ups and interruptions, bombarding visitors before they even have the chance to engage with the content. Depending on how these are implemented, the experience can range from slightly annoying to downright repulsive, potentially driving visitors away swiftly.

But why are pop-ups necessary in the first place?

The answer lies in the analytics. Most likely, you're using them to learn more about your audience, to understand and cater to their preferences, and to track how they discover your website and brand.

Traditional web analytics solutions, like Google Analytics or Microsoft Clarity, collect various data points about visitors, including device details and cookies, to re-identify returning users. However, under GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, such actions require explicit user consent. There's no way around it, not even under the guise of legitimate interest.

Consent-Free Tracking by Wide Angle Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics introduces a cookie-less web analytics approach that neither accesses nor stores personal data on the Terminal Device. It ensures that any captured information is irreversibly anonymized, maintaining the highest level of privacy for your visitors.

Furthermore, the Wide Angle Analytics tracker script respects opt-out mechanisms like Do-Not-Track, making it suitable for even the strictest jurisdictions.

Consent-Free Tracking - Cookieless Web Analytics

How does Consent-Free Web Analytics work?

Firstly, Wide Angle Analytics doesn't store any information on visitors' devices. With no cookies used, there's no need for a cookie policy or its acceptance.

But it's not just about cookies. For instance, even reading a browser's timezone could be considered accessing the Terminal Device. Wide Angle Analytics does capture screen/window resolution, but solely as a statistical data point. None of the device data is used for user identification, thus avoiding the need for explicit consent.

How does Wide Angle Analytics track unique users?

Wide Angle Analytics provides counts with filters for unique website visitors, a more insightful metric than mere pageviews. In the strictest privacy mode, it generates a tracking ID using the visitor's IP, browser type, and a unique site identifier, augmented with a temporary random number (or 'salt'). This information undergoes cryptographic, non-reversible hashing.

With the temporary salt component being purged daily, it's impossible to reverse-engineer the tracking ID to a specific user, even with identical IP and browser data.

Additionally, using a site-specific identifier ensures that even when multiple websites use Wide Angle Analytics, the identity of visitors moving between these sites remains unlinked.

Wide Angle Analytics' default, consent-free web analytics not only respects user privacy but also enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for disruptive pop-ups.

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