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Web Application Analytics - Login screen to web application

Your marketing landing page and the application for logged-in users have distinct requirements. On the landing page, prioritizing consent-free web analytics is advisable to minimize friction. However, once your visitors become users or, better yet, customers, you've already obtained their consent.

The level of consent and data processing activities you've communicated to your users determines the extent of analytics data collection you can undertake.

Wide Angle Analytics is a unique web analytics platform, emphasizing strong Personal Data protection, enabling you to address both needs. It facilitates consent-free web analytics on your landing page and allows tracking of logged-in users, including the collection and processing of their Personal Data.

How does Wide Angle Analytics track users?

Wide Angle Analytics offers various tracking options, enhancing your understanding of each unique user session. By employing a more reliable unique user identifier, you can attribute actions and behaviors more consistently and accurately.

Wide Angle Analytics provides the following mechanisms:

  • Browser Fingerprinting - A cookieless method that generates a unique browser signature.
  • Cookie-Based Mode - A session identifier stored in cookies for a certain duration.
  • Custom ID - An explicit ID supplied by your website's code.
Web Application Analytics - Unique User Session Lifetime chart
Browser Fingerprinting

This optional mechanism utilizes Canvas fingerprinting. It exploits the slight differences in how devices render images to create a unique identifier. Returning users will consistently generate the same tracking ID, which undergoes daily obfuscation.

Cookie-Based Sessions

We recognize that cookieless analytics may not suit everyone in every scenario. Unlike many competitors, we offer the flexibility of cookie-based tracking tailored to your needs. This is particularly beneficial for registered users in your web application who have accepted your terms and consented to data collection.

Custom ID

With Wide Angle Analytics, you have even greater capabilities. If you wish to track specific users or groups within your application, you can provide a custom tracking ID to the tracker script, such as a user ID or an email address. With its robust compliance model, Wide Angle Analytics even permits the use of Personal Data as a customer identifier.

Personal Data Ready

Go beyond simple analytics with strictly GDPR-compliant web analytics that support Personal Data processing. Wide Angle Analytics is a unique solution that does not limit what you can achieve with your data.

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