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Rich web analytisc - Web Analytics Dashboard

Your successful business, freelance practice, or revenue-generating blog needs web analytics. You will greatly benefit from basic information about your web visitors, their clicking habits, and how they found you.

Later, you can further enrich your understanding by following detailed customer activity, such as clicks, downloads, and time spent on an individual page.

With Wide Angle Analytics, you can achieve all this by adding a single script element to your website's HTML code. It doesn't take more than that.

Rich web analytisc - a chart showing pageviews and traffic summary

Do I need Cookie Banner for web analytics?

As Wide Angle Analytics is by default geared towards ultimate privacy and compliance, you won't need a complex and expensive consent management system. The days of Cookie Banners are gone with our new innovative approach to cookieless tracking.

Combined with an optional custom domain, you can improve reliability even more and outsmart unfair ad blockers.

Let's be honest. Inaccurate data can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than no data.

Learn more about Consent-Free Web Analytics.

Disclaimer: information on this website does not constitute a legal advice.

What can I measure and analyze with web analytics?

Web traffic metrics range from simple to complex. It is often the combination and context that deliver actual value. Here are signals you can capture to draw conclusions and insights about your business:

  • Count unique visitors.
  • Total number of page views.
  • Median and average time visitors spend on your site.
  • Bounce rate and your landing page's stickiness.
  • Where your visitors come from in the world.
  • The source of the click - where they found your website.

But there is more! By default, you also get a breakdown by:

  • Page visited.
  • Geographical location.
  • The browser and operating system used.
  • Device type such as mobile, tablet, desktop/laptop.
Rich web analytisc - data tables showing breakdown of visitors traffic, browser, and country of origin

Beyond these core basics, you can easily measure your website engagement with the following:

  • Time spent on a specific page,
  • Discovering more popular landing pages,
  • Uncovering pages that more often end the user journey, and
  • Identifying pages with the highest bounce rate.
Rich web analytisc - tables shoing inbound and exit pages as well as bounced pages

Custom Actions will unlock further insights. Add events to Call To Action buttons and links, experiment with different versions, and plan your A/B tests. Wide Angle's action comparison dashboard quickly compares the effectiveness of these experiments.

Rich web analytisc - a chart and table showing comparing metrics for two different events

Avoid data overload with powerful filters

Wide Angle Analytics allows you to easily filter and segment your reports. You can click on almost any data point for it to become a filter. For example, you can click on a country to see only visitors from that country, or on a browser to see only visitors using that browser.

You can also combine multiple filters. For example, you can view only visitors from a specific country using a specific browser.

Rich web analytisc - Flexible filter to easily segment reports

Limitless website tracking

Unlike other platforms, Wide Angle Analytics does not limit the number of pages and URLs you can track. If your website contains thousands of URLs, you can easily surface interesting statistics by filtering the dashboard by link prefix.

Rich web analytisc - Narrow down view to selected subset of URLs

Tracking Parameters for Attribution

Wide Angle Analytics automatically tracks the source of the click. You can see where your visitors come from, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other website.

To ensure you capture the exact source of the click, whether it's a social post, ad campaign, or an email, use tracking parameters. Wide Angle Analytics supports Google Analytics compatible UTM parameters out of the box. But you can also use your own custom parameters.

Rich web analytisc - Filter reports using tracking parameters

Will my website load slower?

Not at all! Our tiny tracking script is delivered to your website by high-speed infrastructure in just a few milliseconds. Neither you nor your visitors will feel a thing.

What is the climate impact of my website with web analytics?

Sending data over the Internet consumes energy and has an environmental impact. We go the extra mile to ensure that using Wide Angle Analytics has minimal effect on climate change.

  • The tracker script is tiny. Fewer bits = fewer Watts.
  • Tracking events are minimized and send the absolute minimum information necessary to deliver value.
  • We partner with OVH to deliver our infrastructure. OVH is a French data centre operator famous for revolutionary, patented water cooling with exceptional performance and minimal energy input.
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