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Track user interactions with Custom Action

Getting valuable insight from website traffic goes far beyond pageviews and unique visitors. Today, you must understand how users interact with your application, website or blog.

Some of the interesting questions to answer are:

  • When a visitor downloads a case study PDF from our website, from where did they arrive?
  • Are users expressing interest in a specific product, by hovering over BUY NOW button?
  • Is sign-up form too complex? Maybe activity on the form contrasted with the number of sign-ups can uncover some bottlenecks.
  • What is the conversion rate from the campaign? Are you meeting your goals?

With Wide Angle Analytics, you can track and analyze the above and, what is unique to our platform, compare two different actions side by side.

That's where Actions Tracking can help. Wide Angle Analytics offers three types of action tracking.

  1. Download Actions
  2. Click Actions
  3. Custom Actions

Each type has its respective documentation section when you need more details.

The order these are listed above is no coincidence. Download actions are straightforward to set up. Tracking of Download Actions is controlled by a flag in your Site Settings.

The Click Actions are easy to configure as well. Still, they will require adding extra information via CMS, WordPress, or your website code. Don't worry; we are talking about simple HTML editing.

Lastly, we offer you complete control via Custom Actions. But with great power comes great responsibility. To emit and record Custom Action, you must get your hands dirty with JavaScript.

To fully benefit from Custom Actions, you should first understand how to enable their tracking based on the type and then access the tracking data. Pick an event type and dive in!

Still need help? In that case please contact our support via, email or chat.