Powerful Google Analytics Alternative

Screenshot of Filters

Key Data

The top five data points will likely uncover relevant trends. Therefore, rather than bombard you with exhaustive tables, we present only the top 5 data points at first.

But wait, there is more. Just click "show more" and get more data if you want to dive deeper.

Each data point acts as a filter. Mix and match multiple selections to view the data in the most relevant way.

Screenshot of Charts

Clear View

Get instant insight into your sites' performance. Using a date range selector or one of the convenient presets, you can quickly view your site's page views and unique visits.

This uncluttered view gives you an easy way to view how your website's traffic shapes over time. Quickly uncover trends, campaign impact and potential issues.

The chart automatically adjusts when selecting other filters in the data view.

Screenshot of PageViews on Map

Maps View

Ever wondered where your visitors come from? We've got an answer for you.

We present you with the geographical location of your visitors, down to the province level. Select the country you are interested in and drill down.

Province, or state, is often more relevant to your business and marketing efforts than just a country. But, at the same time, it is general enough to avoid identifying individuals.

Combined with adjustments and selections applied by filters, this can be a powerful yet simple tool to use.

GDPR Compliance Shield

Privacy Baked In

Start analysing online traffic, knowing that you remain compliant with the strictest regulations.

Wide Angle Analytics does not store or share your users' Personal Data. We are adamant about anonymising everything that's not critical to provide useful insight into traffic of your Internet property.

Your data is stored and processed solely in European Union, hosted with one of the biggest European cloud solutions providers, the OVHcloud.

Respect towards users, expressed by care for privacy and transparency, is how we are building our business.

Multiple Sites

Different sites. Different compliance exposure.

We've got you covered. You can create as many sites as you want. In addition, each site receives a very generous budget for analytics events so that you don't have to worry about it.

Are you a Media Agency? Great. This way, you can set up a tracker per client with all the adjustments for meeting your specific customer needs. And, the fixed cost per site makes billing simpler.

Rich Controls for Each Site

Privacy and compliance mean different things. Depending on your visitor's residence and jurisdiction you operate from, these things have different meanings.

We value privacy and want to put you in charge of it.

Would you like to use cookies to improve tracking performance? We believe this is your business decision to make. Maybe you already have a requirement to ask your users for consent.

Each site can have its configuration. Certain parameters are configured on a script level, and some settings can be adjusted via a control panel.

We give you maximum control.

Improve Tracking Efficiency with Custom Domains

There are multiple reasons you would like to host the tracker code on your domain. First, it can confuse Ad Blockers, thus improving the performance of the tracker itself.

The customised domain can also help in boosting your site's reputation. Awareness of predatory tracking practices is increasing among Internet users. Using privacy-friendly analytics on your domain shows that you care.

Each site can have its domain configured individually. This is especially useful if you serve your websites from multiple top-level domains.

Every custom domain gets SSL treatment. Because we really care.

You, your people and your clients

Online marketing is not a one-person job. So from the get-go, we built Wide Angle Analytics to support an organisation with multiple users.

You can invite as many users as you like.

Each member of your organisation will have read-only access to the site analytics.