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Danish DPA Ruled that Google Analytics is Illegal

Published on: 2022-9-22 Danish DPA Ruled that Google Analytics is Illegal

After French, Austrian and Italian Data Protection Authorities, this time Denmark ruled that Google Analytics is illegal. Therefore, using Google Analytics (specifically Universal Analytics) without additional measures not available in Google Analytics settings is unlawful.

Do you have to stop using Google Analytics? Is migration to GA4 sufficient? There are many resources on how to attempt to make Google's products compliant. Unfortunately, some fall short on details and require expensive consultants to get things right.

In most cases, this boils down to creating an intermediary layer that removes GA tracker code from your websites, and relevant events are syphoned via proxy to the GA platform. Additional anonymization is necessary.

Such a process requires expertise, resources and long-term maintenance. Moreover, such a process renders Google Analytics no longer a free product.

We believe you are better off with purpose-built compliant web analytics, such as Wide Angle Analytics.