Web Analytics For Businesses and Organizations

For businesses looking for strict compliance, and gaining actionable insights with virtually no limits *.

Baked in strict privacy and GDPR compliance

Wide Angle Analytics was designed from the ground up to be a privacy focused, GDPR compliant, powerful tool for gaining actionable business insights.

Easy user management with permissions and access control

Multiple users? No problem. With our easy to use user management and access control setting up your cooworkers and clients is a breeze.

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Professional support: Same day email, phone or live chat

Need to speak to a human? We do that! Choose your method of communication and let our team of dedicated and friendly professionals provide you with the help you need.

Data Processing Agreement

Rest assured that your customer data is safe with us. In addition to being strictly GDR compliant, we offer you a legally binding DPA that protects your business in case of data breach.

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Unlimited* users, unlimited* sites, and all the events you could ever need

Welcome to unlimited. As a business tier customer you are not subject to any limitations. This would be very convenient if you are an agency that manages multiple client websites.

Priority access to, and input into new features

As business tier customer, you get priority access to new features and upgrades, and the ability to influence our development roadmap with your valuable feedback.

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* Business Plan comes with 10 million events, 40 sites and 100 users out of the box. All these are upgradable.