Web Analytics For Teams and Growing Businesses

For curious teams managing multiple sites with growing traffic.

Baked in strict privacy and GDPR compliance

Skip Cookie Banner. Wide Angle Analytics was designed from the ground up to be a privacy focused, GDPR compliant, powerful tool for gaining actionable business insights.

10 sites, custom domains included

Multi-user access to the platform, up to 1 MILLION monthly events (upgradable), and data rentention for 24 months all come standard with the Team package.

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Responsive, friendly email and live chat support

Need to speak to a human? We do that! Drop us a line, or try our live chat feature. Our team of dedicated and friendly professionals provide you with the help you need.

Easy integration with popular platforms

We support the most popular publishing platforms and continue to add more integrations. Currently we have plugins or guides for: WordPress, Sqaurespace, Wix, Ghost, Bubble, Webflow and Carrd.

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