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Accelerating Success: How Indie Makers Can Outpace Corporations

Published on: 2024-2-25 Accelerating Success: How Indie Makers Can Outpace Corporations

One of the biggest advantages Indie Makers have over large corporations is speed. By cutting through approvals, procurement, and other bureaucratic barriers, Indie Makers can often outperform large businesses.

Don't believe me? Take a look at these statistics from 2019-2021 by ZDNet.

Average time to fix a bug by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Linux, Adobe, Mozilla, Samsung - Wide Angle Analytics

These numbers are staggering.

Apple needs, on average, 69 days to fix a bug, while Microsoft needs a whopping 83.

But surely the number of resources that large businesses have is a great asset. Of course! A large corporation with a large war chest filled with money can quickly spin up teams and throw money at the problem. Cash flow buys them time.

That's one asset that Indie Makers notoriously lack. Running on personal funds and bootstrapping businesses with their own money, makers need to move fast. Really fast.

At the same time, building a modern web-based product is no easy feat.

There are tons of questions to answer and deal with:

  • Which framework to use?
  • How to build sign-up forms?
  • Which payment platform to use?
  • How to measure project success?
  • How to analyse traffic?
  • Where to store data?
  • How to reliably send emails?

And these are just the technical questions that you have to answer alongside building your go-to-market strategy and doing customer research.

Arguably, designing a product with the right product-market fit should be your core focus. You can have the most beautiful, the most polished piece of software, but if no one wants to buy it, it will flop.

Hence, strapped for time and resources, time is of the essence for Indie Makers and Indie Hackers alike, to deliver fast. The “Ship It” mantra, preached by the likes of Pieter Levels, is not just for show. By churning out a large number of tests, you perform real-life market experiments, seeking the right Product-Market Fit.

To achieve that, it helps to streamline the technical problems listed above. That's why we at Wide Angle Analytics partnered with LaunchFast. LaunchFast is an online web app/SaaS generator that allows users to quickly deal with common concerns. It will help you set up a sign-up flow, enable collecting payments, measure website performance and visitor metrics, and many other things.

Launch your web apps in hours with these  Astro , Next.js and SvelteKit boilerplates - Launch Fast with Wide Angle Analytics

With LaunchFast You can launch your web apps in hours with Astro, Next.js, and SvelteKit boilerplates combined with further integrations which include, besides Wide Angle Analytics, Stripe, Firebase, Telegram, Crisp, and much more.

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