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Week #13 2023
  • Noyb Targets Microtargeting By German Political Groups.
  • TikTok CEO Questioned by US Congress.
  • Utah Laws Place Strict Rules on Kids’ Social Media.
  • Details Emerge of Proposed Regulation to Improve GDPR Enforcement.
  • ChatGPT Breach Exposes Payment Data and Chat History.
Week #12 2023
  • Austrian Website’s Use of Meta Business Tools Violates GDPR.
  • UK Bans TikTok on Government Devices.
  • Iowa Privacy Law Awaits Governor’s Signature.
  • EU Advocate General Gives Opinion on Credit Rating Agencies.
  • UK Regulator Reduces GDPR Fine By Over 80%.
Week #11 2023
  • UK Government Introduces Revised GDPR Reform Bill.
  • US Federal Trade Commission Investigating Twitter for Suspected Privacy Violations.
  • FBI Admits Buying Location Data, Circumventing the Need for Warrants.
  • WhatsApp Denies Selling User Data In Response to Consumer Rights Investigation.
  • Australian Court Greenlights Facebook Cambridge Analytica Enforcement.
Week #10 2023
  • EU-US Transfer Framework: EDPB ‘Welcomes Improvements’ But ‘Expresses Concern’.
  • Online Therapy Provider BetterHelp Fined Over Ads Violations.
  • Privacy Campaigner Sues YouTube Over Children’s Data Allegations.
  • Norwegian Regulator: Google Analytics ‘Not in Line With Privacy’.
  • Domestic Searches Under FISA 702 Decline as Renewal Deadline Approaches.
  • AI Recruitment Tool Workday Accused of Racist and Agist Bias.
Week #9 2023
  • European Commission Proposes New Regulation to Improve GDPR Enforcement.
  • Online Safety Bill: Signal Threatens to Pull Out of UK Over Encryption Proposals.
  • Tesla Improves Camera Privacy Following Dutch DPA’s Investigation.
  • European Commission Bans TikTok From Work Devices.
  • Meta Faces Italian Tax Bill Over Data “Exchange”.
  • European Data Protection Board Publishes Three Sets of Finalised GDPR Guidance.
Week #8 2023
  • European Parliament Group Condemns Draft US Adequacy Decision.
  • Meta’s ‘Stop Transfers’ Order Could Be Issued Within Two Months.
  • TikTok Announces New European Data Centres In Response to China Surveillance Concerns.
  • German Court Rules Against Police Use of Palantir’s Gotham Software.
  • US Study Reveals Open Market For Mental Health Data.
Week #7 2023
  • Biden Calls for Stronger Privacy Protections in State of the Union Address.
  • EU Greenlights Carrier-Level Single ID Platform for Ads Preferences.
  • TikTok Faces Human Rights Questions About New ‘Focused View’ Feature.
  • Meta and Law Firm Sanctioned By California Court Over ‘Delay, Misdirection, and Frivolous Arguments’.
  • UK and Irish Regulators ‘Engaging’ With Twitter Over Right-to-Erasure Requests.
Week #6 2023
  • Italian Regulator Bans Replika Chatbot Due to Concerns Over Children’s Data.
  • GDPR Enforcement Could Ramp Up as Commission Announces Review Process.
  • US Telehealth Provider Sanctioned for Sharing Data with Facebook and Google.
  • UK Regulator Writes to Scottish Council Over Schools’ Facial Recognition Project.
  • Israel’s EU Adequacy Decision Threatened by Judicial Reforms, Says Norwegian Regulator.