Wide Angle Analytics Feature-rich Google Analytics Alternative

Privacy-friendly & compliant.
Cookieless or not, you decide.

Core web analytics features that help you identify the sources of your Internet traffic. You can segment your audience by geography, backlinks, or devices, and easily choose interesting segments using flexible and fast filters.

Track conversion and measure your goals with Wide Angle Analytics. It's easy to use; you don't need extensive training or a certified consultant to become proficient. Capture your goals with just a few clicks.

Measure engagement by tracking the time spent on your website and on individual pages. Need more? Excellent, because there's more. With Wide Angle Analytics, you can easily track the entry and exit pages of your website, and identify pages that foster engagement and those that terminate the user journey.

Capture all metrics with our best-in-class platform that easily circumvents unjust Adblockers. With Custom Domains, included in every plan, you can make your web traffic analytics reliable by avoiding major blind spots.

Web interactions go beyond mere sessions and views. We understand that. That's why we provide support for Custom Events and Actions. You can track clicks, downloads, and many other interactions. Quickly add an attribute to a link to capture external links, or attach a JavaScript call to a mouseover event. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Compare goals and actions using side-by-side analysis. Capture action performance, and contrast it with its relative efficiency against other events or goals. Use powerful filters to narrow down the view with pinpoint accuracy.

A fast and tiny script delivered by one of the most efficient European CDNs will provide your users with a delightful experience. Say goodbye to slow, massive scripts that make web browsers unresponsive in the first few precious seconds.

Official plugins and integrations for popular publishing platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Ghost, Webflow, Carrd, and Bubble mean you can enable web analytics in no time. Need more oomph? We offer plugins for popular JavaScript frameworks and a documented, public API for your custom integrations.

We prioritise not just privacy, but more importantly, compliance. Our GDPR-compliant web analytics also meet the requirements of PECR, COPPA, CCPA, and other major regulations. We vet every data processor in our stack. You will not find us using any provider that relies on inadequate privacy measures.

We are Personal Data ready. Most Google Analytics alternatives dictate or outright forbid the processing of Personal Data. But we understand that you might have user consent, and you might intend to process such information. We support you in this. Our strictly GDPR-compliant platform can accommodate your visitors' and users' data, ensuring the highest level of security standards.

Built and hosted in the European Union, we avoid the need for hacks, proxies, or EU isolation. We are a European business, leveraging a European, Sovereign cloud. Even our internal systems, such as support and email provider, meet the same requirements. Your data is never at risk from surveillance from the USA, Russia, or China.

Security is in our DNA. Our hosting partner, OVH, is one of the largest European cloud providers. It equips us with a resilient, scalable, open, and fault-tolerant infrastructure. The data centre meets ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, and 27018 standards. But we know it is only part of the story. Our services communicate externally and internally using encrypted connections. Data is always encrypted at rest with keys managed by us, not the cloud provider.

We care for your data. We treat your data as our most precious asset. Therefore, we maintain a secure backup of all captured analytics events in our external, encrypted cloud storage. The data in use adheres to documented and disclosed retention policies and is never shared or sold to anyone.

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