Open Startup Web Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics is Open For Business

What is an Open Startup?

Open Startup is a company that publicly shares their key metrics such as visitors, revenue, employee name and even employee revenue. It originates from Indie Hacker community and follows the mantra of building in public.

It originated from the Indie Hacker community and follows the mantra of Building in Public. The idea of sharing even potentially sensitive information creates a sense of community and companionship with otherwise isolated individuals or teams.

The Build in Public movement can also be used as a way to market a startup and get people to know the brand.

Does Wide Angle Analytics Support Open Startups?

Wide Angle Analytics allows making selected site public. You can share your business website metrics with the community. Our Live Demo is also a demonstration of the public site. Go check it out and see what's currently available.

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Can I make my site public?

We allow for any site to become public. However, we would recommend assessing the risk of disclosure accordingly.

Wide Angle Analytics allows processing of Personal Data. If you make a site with Personal Data public, we will not take any additional measure to hide this personal information.

Is Wide Angle Analytics an Open Startup itself?

We are very open about our data processing activities. We publicly share how and where the data is stored. Furthermore, we also disclose many details about our technical and security implementations.

Our team and external collaborators publish content on our blog which is a representation of our values, knowledge, and experience. We contribute to the community by sharing knowledge and industry news.

While we do not adhere to the commonly understood Open Startup definition, we are open in numerous aspects of our operations that go beyond mandatory and regulatory disclosures.

When it comes to the business, our partnerships and financials, we give ourselves a degree of privacy. We strive to protect the privacy of Internet users, and we believe that we have the right to keep certain metrics of our business private.