Privacy-Focused Web Analytics

Published on: 2023-1-6 Privacy-Focused Web Analytics

Why the Need for Privacy-Focused Web Analytics?

Hey! Are you ready to dive into the world of privacy-focused web analytics? Have you ever wondered what happens with browsing history and website data you collect and syphon to Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics?

It's no secret that the internet is a scary place. With all the creepy crawlers and data snatchers lurking around, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and concerned about the safety of your online activities. But don't worry because there's a way to protect yourself – privacy-focused web analytics!

Privacy-focused web analytics are designed to give you a detailed overview of your online activity without compromising your security or privacy. With a privacy-focused web analytics platform, you can monitor your website's performance, analyze user behaviour, and track conversions without worrying about your data being shared or used for nefarious purposes.

But why do you need privacy-focused web analytics?

Well, traditional web analytics relies on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies to collect data about your visitors. This data is then shared with third parties, which can be a huge security risk, not to mention a violation of your visitors' privacy.

On the other hand, privacy-focused web analytics use anonymized data to provide insights into your website's performance. This means that all the data collected is entirely anonymous and can't be used to identify individual visitors. It also means you can gain valuable insights into user behaviour without worrying about compromising your visitors' privacy.

So, if you're looking for a way to monitor your website's performance without compromising your visitors' privacy. In that case, privacy-focused web analytics is your answer. With the right platform, you can gain valuable insights into user behaviour, track conversions, and much more – all without having to worry about your data being shared or used for malicious purposes. It's the perfect solution for those who want to stay secure and protect their visitors' privacy.

Introducing Wide Angle Analytics

Skip collection of personal data. Don't worry about personal information. A truly privacy-focused web analytics, such as Wide Angle Analytics will give you peace of mind. We respect your visitors' privacy settings and can provide your business with valuable, anonymized insights without being creepy.

Reliable Google Analytics Alternative

No matter which browser your visitors use, Firefox, Google Chrome or even DuckDuckGo, our state-of-the-art tracker, hosted behind your domain, will provide reliable metrics. We believe in freedom and the right to self-determination for our users. Your visitors have every right to set their privacy settings to the strictest possible option. We respect that. They do it to avoid nefarious tracking by BigTech. These and other corporation profit from data collection as internet users browse websites. User privacy suffers a great deal from the porous nature of cookie-fueled telemetry.

We are not at war with Adblockers. We support the cause, and we use adblockers ourselves. We are, however, not excited about unfair blockers. As the website owner, you should feel empowered to create the best online experience for your target audience. Hence we came up with an effective and reliable technique to make our privacy-focused web analytics work in spite of Adblockers.

You can quickly deploy web analytics using our custom domains feature, which easily circumvents unfair blockers. The tiny elephant in the room remains uBlock Origin. If anyone claims 100% Adblocker prevention, they are not honest with you. uBlock Origin in Firefox is capable of CNAME decloaking, meaning even a custom domain won't be effective. These two tools combined are power user privacy protection mechanisms. Combined with private browsing mode, it is almost unbeatable for JavaScript-based clickstream capture.

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Hence we offer you an API, which you can trigger from your backend. With some work, your web application can generate relevant content for you and your business events. Your first-party infrastructure can then send them to our anonymized web analytics platform. You can capture identifiers, referrers and other website data you find interesting.

Out of the box, you have 99% anti-Adblocker effectiveness. Add a bit of effort to integrate our API, and you can reach 100%.

Is your Web Analytics Compliant?

The pinnacle of privacy-focused regulation is the GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation came into power in 2018, and since then, it has slowly picked up in enforcement. It really exploded at the beginning of 2021, with multiple high-profile rulings againts Google Analytics. Multiple Data Protection Authorities across Europe, from France, Italy, Austria and Denmark, outlined how usage of Google Analytics can be considered illegal in specific scenarios.

Turns out that sending Personal Data and other personal identifiers to the US, which has the freedom and privacy-unfriendly surveillance laws, creates a bit of a legal pickle.

So it is good to know that Wide Angle Analytics is fully GDPR compliant. Bah! Not only is it compliant, but it is also wholly made, hosted and operated from the European Union. No data transfer to a non-adequate country takes place.

So don't wait any longer. Stop worrying about whether your data is safe, and get Wide Angle Analytics today. Trust us, you won't regret it.

That puts Wide Angle Analytics in a very unique spot. Unlike Fathom Analytics or Plausible Analytics, we can offer you support for processing Personal Data under GDPR. We still encourage you to minimize data collection and respect user privacy. However, if you need or are inclined to do so, we can support you in collecting data under the protection of GDPR. Wide Angle Analytics offers you a Data Processing Agreement, and we make necessary security disclosures regarding our EU cloud operations and internal data processing activities.

Be sure to ask for consent before you start sending us Personal Data and other personal information. No tool is a golden ticket to data collection without respecting privacy laws.

There is more to compliance than GDPR

We pay attention to the global regulatory landscape and ensure that we can satisfy other regulations, such as CCPA, COPPA and PECR. By default, Wide Angle Analytics does not process nor store personal information such as identifiers, IP address, etc. Therefore you can be sure to deploy our analytics solutions, ensuring an adequate level of compliance disclosed in your privacy policy.

Privacy regulations emerging globally

You can bet that new privacy laws will keep emerging in other countries and jurisdictions. A few years ago, in the golden age of the Wild West of data collection and website data tracking, it was unthinkable that states like California, with its Silicon Valley and Bigtech industry, would attempt to curb data-hungry giants like Google, Facebook or Apple. And yet that's exactly what happened with CCPA. Nowadays, the COPPA gives authorities even more power.

If you think you don't have to worry about privacy outside of the EU, think again. If you are a US website owner, you must take extra care when processing the IP address and other browsing data. You might quickly end up under the FCA microscope if you target minors.

Ask yourself this?

  • Do I care for my business reputation?
  • Do I, the website owner, care about getting reliable website data and usage metrics?
  • Do I care about staying compliant with regulations such as GDPR, PECR, CCPA and COPPA?
  • Do I care about the privacy of my visitors, and do I respect the right of my guest to keep their browsing data to themselves?
  • Do I want to get a complete picture of your website usage irrespective of whether your users use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, or Vivaldi and whether they use private browsing mode or uBlock Origin?

If yes, you should give Wide Angle Analytics a try today!

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