Learn how to
analyze and monitor
your website traffic

This Web Analytics Course will take you from novice to pro. Together with Wide Angle Analytics, you will maximize the potential of your website.

Learn how to track website traffic and understand various metrics

Join us on a journey through the mysterious world of web analytics. We will show you how to monitor your website traffic. As you advance, you will learn more advanced concepts of tracking on site visitor interactions and attributing traffic to specific sources. 

This course begins with the basic, the Web Analytics 101, if you will.

The subsequent parts of this tutorial will cover more advanced topics. We will show you how to track your campaigns and create effective links. We will also show you how to measure the impact of your marketing efforts using Wide Angle Analytics.

Web Analytics 101 - The Basics

Web Analytics 101 - Basics of Web Analytics with Privacy-Friendly Web Analytics

Web Analytics 201 - Engagement Tracking

Coming soon

Web Analytics 301 - Marketing Campaigns

Coming soon