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How to Track Offline Attribution

You attended a conference and produced fancy slides. Not only that, but you also included a link to the website and some social profile handles.

Perhaps you even shared more traditional media. Printed leaflets or business cards.

Great, you're all set, right? Before you answer affirmatively, consider these questions!

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How much traffic did this conference or event generate?

How many people reached you using the QR code from the business card?

If you had multiple versions of the company brochure, which had the best Call To Action click through?

If you had multiple links to market stats, contact form, etc on your presentation, when did your audience felt compelled to scan your code?

To answer these and other questions, use various campaign links. Employ utm_medium, utm_content, utm_trigger, and similar parameters to distinguish user interests in different mediums or specific sections of your presentation.

For printed media and on-screen presentations, QR Codes are highly effective for distributing links, particularly those with lengthy tracking parameters. Your audience can easily scan the code with their phone, whether displayed on a screen or leaflet, for immediate access to your content or contact details.

By using specially crafted links and a unique QR code for each presentation, location, conference, and so on, you can accurately attribute web traffic to specific offline events.

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