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Hosting tracking script behind custom domain

The Wide Angle Analytics allows you to collect statistics via It is your default option and available to every subscriber.

You may however to use your custom domain.

Benefit of using a custom domain

Using custom domain can help with tracking reliability. AdBlocker extensions in modern browsers will block common domains or scripts matching common patterns.

It is worth noting that custom domain does not guarantee the ability to circumvent all the Adblockers. Moreover, some Adblockers combined with more privacy-centric browsers, like Firefox and uBlock Origin, support CNAME uncloaking.

Another added benefit is security. By using custom domain, you are obfuscating the fact that you are using a specific service provider. By decreasing a footprint of information you expose about your operations, you decrease the surface attack on your organization.

What will you need?

To use a custom domain, you need to be able to administer DNS settings of your domain. Depending on your configuration, this might require changes with your Domain Registrar or DNS Service Provider.

Here are the links to configuration guides of some popular DNS/Domain providers:

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