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Autumn Product Update - Best Web Analytics in 2022

Published on: 2022-11-28 Autumn Product Update - Best Web Analytics in 2022

In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is coming to an end. It is the perfect time to look back and summarize recent product changes and updates.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions unlock the ability to track visitors' interactions with your site. Out of the box, we offer monitoring of Download and Click actions.

Imagine reliably tracking and attributing interest in your product PDF Case Study. That's what Download Actions are for.

Clicking on a "Start Trial" button can signal intent or your goal for specific campaigns. You can track that too.

But there is more. By embedding the Wide Angle Analytics tracker in your website, you instantly get access to our event SDK. From your website, you can issue fully customized, named events. These let you have an almost unlimited variety of events.

Monitor engagement by scroll depth. Asses buyer intent by tracking the mouse hover over the BUY button. Detect UX issues by tracking interaction with abandoned forms.

Possibilities are virtually endless. 🙌

Custom Action Dashboard allows comparing different cohorts

Use Action Dashboard to compare different events. This simple mechanism allows easy comparison between sources, campaigns or specific actions.

­­Learn more

Discovery Engine

­Custom Actions are very powerful and highly flexible. To streamline their creation, we released the Action Discovery Engine. You can uncover actions that your website captured over the last 90 days in just a few clicks.

Quickly discover captured action and present them on dashboard

See an action worth analyzing? Save it as an Action Filter, and you're off to the races.

Improved Linear Attribution

We are doubling down on First-Click attribution. It is the most accurate approach to assigning traffic and conversion sources.

As a privacy-first web analytics, we do not use long-term tracking by default. Hence our tracking sessions are at most 24-hour long. But that's still plenty to give you a reliable understanding of where traffic originates from and which cohort of visitors is engaging, and with which piece of content.

Tracking Linear Attribution from first click in session­ Tracking clickthru rates and engagement for a campaign just got easier!

­Learn more ­

Wait! There is more…

­Beyond the already mentioned product changes, we revamped our landing website. We are on a mission to attract more privacy-mindful businesses. With more customers and growth, we continue to build an even better and more capable product.

And it is not just new customers who deserve something nice.

Landing Page revamp

We are introducing gradient charts. We tweaked the default chart colour and presentation to make data pop straight at you.

Happy and readable charts to make surface relavant information­ ­ See you again in December! 👋☃️
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