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The only thing you need to create a new account is a valid email address.

Head to our registration page,

  1. enter your email address,
  2. familiarize yourself with and accept our Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Cookie Policy
  3. complete CAPTCHA proof, and finally
  4. press "REGISTER"
Accept Terms and create new account

How do I set a password

Wide Angle Analytics uses a novel but well-adopted practice of having password-less access.

Registration and Login attempt, results in a special magic link being sent to the registration email. The link allows the user to establish a secure session. The Activation and Login links are valid for 10 minutes only.

Once logged in, the session remains active until the user explicitly logs out, or remains inactive for 30 days.

Active sessions

One user can have multiple active sessions. By clicking on the link on a different device or in a different browser, all these instances will have their session created and will remain logged in.

Terminating active sessions

If there is a need to terminate all sessions, it is sufficient to choose explicit Logout action on any of the devices and/or browsers. All sessions will be terminated immediately.

Are you Human CAPTCHA

We use a unique, interactive CAPTCHA. Once you provide a valid email address, you will be presented with a pulsing additional checkbox. Click it. A click will start a verification process. Once the circle stops spinning, the CAPTCHA solution will be ready. The REGISTER action will be enabled.

Still need help? In that case please contact our support via, email or chat.