Multiple Users Accessing Site Analytics

Subscribers on Teams and Business Plan can invite multiple users to join their organization.

Inviting User to Organization

Inviting a new user is very simple. First, pop into the Members screen.

You will find Invite Member action button in the Members section

Next, click on Invite Member and provide their email address.

Provide new member's email address

Once they accept the invitation email and service terms and conditions, they will be visible on the member's list.

You invited new members, but they are not listed

It is normal behaviour. Until the invitee accepts the invite, they are not listed. Their email, which is Personal Data, is not stored. Once they accept the invitation, the terms and conditions, and grant necessary consent, you will see them on the list.

What site will they see?

In the case of Teams Plan, every user can see every site. Members can also see other members. There are no restrictions, although access is read-only.

For the Business Plan, we offer per-site permission; by default, new members cannot see any site. The account owner has to edit each member's details and grant them direct access to a specific site.

In the case of the Business Plan, a member cannot see the members list.