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How to leverage your Organization and share reports?

Wide Angle Analytics serves solopreneurs, individual founders, teams, agencies and large business.

For those working in teams, we offer the ability to invite your colleagues and collaborate on the dashboards, share Custom Actions and reports.

Likewise, when you work in a digital agency, you would like to share the website reports with your clients in a safe and secure manner.

All that is possible within your Organization.

What is an Organization

When you create an account, you automatically become the administrator of a new organization. A new, whimsical name of the organization will be automatically generated for you. Be sure to change to a recognizable name of your choice before inviting others.

The organization is your account which holds your sites, members and has a plan and subscription associated with it.

Your organization will have a limit regarding how many sites you can track, how many members you can invite and what is the data retention.

Based on current plans, as an administrator, you will be able to:

Plan Make dashboard public Invite others Control site access
Starter ✅ yes ❌ no ❌ no
Plus ✅ yes ✅ yes ❌ no
Advanced ✅ yes ✅ yes ✅ yes

Still need help? In that case please contact our support via, email or chat.