Web analytics meets privacy and technology

Demystify click tracking technology. Learn about Big Data and Distributed System. Discover the meaning of UTM and other link tracking parameters. Unfurl the complex language of privacy and compliance.

The sooner you realize you need GDPR-compliant web analytics, the better for your business. Avoid fines. Unlock true insight with Wide Angle Analytics.

Fathom That You Need Private Web Analytics

You can get fined for breaking GDPR. But do you know if you can also go to jail? Spoiler: yes, you can! In Denmark, using Google could put you behind bars.

Can you go to jail for a GDPR violation?

The landscape of web analytics solutions, especially those aimed at replacing Google Analytics, is very large. Here we have a list of top options to consider.

Best Google Analytics Alternatives in the year 2023

URL parameters are either required or optional instructions that are passed to a website or a web server. Learn how to use them to your advantage.

What are URL parameters?

A destructive release is one that comes with a permanent, non-reversible consequences. Do you have the right tools and processes to manage such releases safely?

Managing Destructive Releases in Big Data Projects

In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is coming to an end. It is the perfect time to look back and summarize recent product changes and updates.

Autumn Product Update - Best Web Analytics in 2022

First-click attribution is simple yet powerful attribution approach. Combined with clickthru tracking, it clearly shows which marketing effort works.

Monitoring Ad Campaign with CTR and First-Click Attribution

Is being privacy-friendly enough to fend off legal jeopardy and crippling fines? Spoiler: it is not.

Is Using Cloudflare Web Analytics Instead of Google Analytics GDPR Compliant?

There exists an Inverse Relationship Between Surveillance Enabled AI and the freedoms we all enjoy. Change my mind!

Mass Surveillance Powered AI and its Impact on Society

Good content deserves a reward. You can erect a paywall or place ads on your website. If you opt for later, keep it safe for your visitors and reputation.

How to pick Ads and attract advertisers to your website

How to effectively measure attribution in a privacy-friendly manner? How to attribute traffic and pool visits into a session? Answering these questions will impact your web traffic analytics.

First-click session-bound attribution is simple yet effective and won't exaggerate the traffic impact

What will impact web analytics and digital advertising when a user deletes cookies from their browser. Is this even a genuine concern?

What will happen if web page visitor clears the analytics cookie from their browser?

Cookieless website tracking is possible and very reliable. When implemented correctly, it can be used without Cookie Banner, which makes it very reliable.

Cookieless Analytics Can Be Reliable

Is Google Analytics unlawful? Do you need to shop around for an alternative? Why would you choose Wide Angle Analytics in the first place?

Why you should choose Wide Angle Analytics over Google Analytics

Diving head-on into the rabbit-hole of Bossware,and remote workplace surveillance, we investigate the breadth, reach and social ramifications. Is a surveillance society in our future?

Rise of Bossware; The End of Privacy?

Google Analytics usage is deemed illegal in Denmark. To use Universal Analytics lawfully you need additional safeguards.

Danish DPA Ruled that Google Analytics is Illegal

Is Linux ready for the desktop? Follow Sal's journey as he finds his favourite distribution and makes a switch from ad-ridden and eavesdropping Windows.

Privacy and Security Concerns Push Many to Switch to Linux

Removing US-cloud and US-based vendors from the SaaS stack is possible, albeit quite difficult. But we did it and you can too!

Can you run online business without US-cloud?

Modern browsers implement a reasonable referrer policy. This impacts how you can track the source of web traffic. This is how you do it effectively.

How do you track web traffic source?

Page views, unique visits, bounce rate, etc. Even the basic terms can confuse. So let's demystify these terms before mastering the web analytics process.

Web Analytics Terms and What they Mean

Follow me on a journey to find the right social media platform to promote my services. With so many choices, the decision is not always straightforward.

My Journey in Social Media Marketing

Opinion: privacy and compliance data brokers have many questions to answer. Rather than being a beckon of transparency, they distort reality.

You Shall Not Pass - the Rise of Compliance Gatekeepers

Creating software and SaaS that is GDPR compliant is a long and challenging process. This guide by the privacy enforcement authority will help you get started.

GDPR Guide for Software Engineers and Engineering Organizations

Ethical marketing is based on social ethics and values rather than solely on legally sound advertising techniques and maximum profit.

Being an "Ethical Marketer" in a post GDPR world

Google Analytics is coming to an end. Is GA4 its natural successor? Time to review other, more responsible options.

With the end of Universal Analytics, is Google Analytics 4 your best choice?

GDPR is one of the stringiest privacy and security laws in the world. Pay attention. Failure to do will yield a hefty fine.

What is GDPR and why does it matter to online privacy?

Google is working towards removing predatory third-party cookies. With our cookieless web analytics, you can respectfully gather insight about your traffic.

What Can You Do To Fend off Misguided Web Standards?

Wide Angle Analytics uses Apache Kafka persistence, reliability and scalability features while maintaining GDPR compliant retention rules. See how we do it.

GDPR Compliant Apache Kafka Deployment

Twitter going private into the hands of one polarising individual highlights the importance of choice. Social network or web analytics, you deserve a choice.

When Freedom Means Choice

A privacy-first Google Analytics alternative with full GDPR compliance exists. We built it.

Effective and Compliant Google Analytics Alternative

So you need a Data Protection Officer to satisfy GDPR. Or maybe there are commercial benefits to hiring one. Who is DPO? How to find the right person?

The Importance Of A Data Protection Officer

A high bounce rate can be a problem if your visitors leave in a hurry. But what if the level is expected for your type of content and target audience?

Is High Bounce Rate A Problem?

Spending money on online ads is easy. But which are actually worth it? That's where various attribution models matter.

Marketing Attribution: How To Measure The Effect Of Marketing On Sales

GDPR applies to all, small and big enterprises. It is time to stop looking for excuses and get compliant.

Comply with GDPR or pay hefty fine

Data Compliance is a strategy to protect privacy and self-determination. Adherence to compliance rules guards businesses against fines and loss of customers.

Data Compliance for a Peace of Mind