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Demystify click tracking technology. Learn about Big Data and Distributed System. Discover the meaning of UTM and other link tracking parameters. Unfurl the complex language of privacy and compliance.

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Learn why your Google Analytics isn't showing data. Our expert guide walks you through GA4 troubleshooting steps to regain accurate insights.

Google Analytics Not Showing Data? Here’s How To Fix It

Effective event tracking can give you valuable data about user interaction and does not have to be difficult.

Setting up event tracking for button clicks and other actions

Read the definitive guide to attribution tracking in 2023. Learn and compare the best attribution models for precise measurement in a privacy-first world.

Attribution Tracking: What’s The Best Attribution Model?

What are the disadvantages of Google Analytics 4? We asked experts to reveal the biggest GA4 limits. Read GA4 tips to help troubleshoot issues.

GA4 Teething Issues: Experts Reveal The 5 Biggest GA4 Limits

Barbie has been a spectacle of marketing excellence. Here are 5 lessons on making co-branding partnerships successful.

5 Co-Branding Partnership Takeaways From The Barbie Movie

Learn what is first-click attribution, when to use it, and how it compares to other attribution models

First-click attribution: How it works and when to use it

There are many factors that affect website and content search ranking. But getting flagged as spam, quick way to tank it.

Why is my Google Ranking Low?

Compared to the EU, running an email campaign in the US poses fewer legal challenges. Still, you should be aware of a few rules.

Email Marketing in the US: How to Comply With the Law

Good email marketing campaign can greatly benefit your company and your customers but when is sending email legal? Do you prior need a consent?

Email Marketing in Europe: How to Comply With the Law

URL parameters are either required or optional instructions that are passed to a website or a web server. Learn how to use them to your advantage.

What are URL parameters?

First-click attribution is simple yet powerful attribution approach. Combined with clickthru tracking, it clearly shows which marketing effort works.

Monitoring Ad Campaign with CTR and First-Click Attribution

Good content deserves a reward. You can erect a paywall or place ads on your website. If you opt for later, keep it safe for your visitors and reputation.

How to pick Ads and attract advertisers to your website

Page views, unique visits, bounce rate, etc. Even the basic terms can confuse. So let's demystify these terms before mastering the web analytics process.

Web Analytics Terms and What they Mean

Follow me on a journey to find the right social media platform to promote my services. With so many choices, the decision is not always straightforward.

My Journey in Social Media Marketing

Ethical marketing is based on social ethics and values rather than solely on legally sound advertising techniques and maximum profit.

Being an "Ethical Marketer" in a post GDPR world

A high bounce rate can be a problem if your visitors leave in a hurry. But what if the level is expected for your type of content and target audience?

Is High Bounce Rate A Problem?

Spending money on online ads is easy. But which are actually worth it? That's where various attribution models matter.

Marketing Attribution: How To Measure The Effect Of Marketing On Sales