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How to share web analytics access to dashboard and reports?

You can invite a user from outside your company or team. There is no restriction on whom you can invite as long as they have a unique email address.

Sharing reports on a Team plan

If you are a Team plan subscriber, your client will automatically get access to all the sites as a regular user.

Every user on a team plan can view all dashboards and create custom action filters of their choosing.

They will see all custom action filters which other users made public.

Only the owner can add a new site or modify site settings.

Sharing reports on a Business plan

The Business plan subscribers will have greater control.

A new user will not be able to access any site by default. To get access to the site dashboard, a user must be granted permission by the Organization Owner.

List of members and demonstration where to locate Permission settings.

The permission is granted separately for each site.

To change the default setting, click on the eye symbol next to NO ACCESS status.

Member permission panel showing user without access to a site.

Similarly, to revoke access, click on the eye symbol next to CAN VIEW status.

Member permission panel showing user with access to a site.

Once users have access to the site, they can see reports, look at custom actions filters, and make new ones. Users are limited to seeing their own and public action filters that belong to the site they have access to.

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