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Page Engagement Dashboard

Pages Engagement Dashboard presents with you the following:

  • Entry Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Bounced Pages

Entry Pages

Here we give you an instant view of pages where your visitors start their journey. The list is sorted by the number of unique visits.

Where is your web traffic landing first?

The "Median outgoing pages" describe the median number of page views when visitors start journeying on that page.

What can this answer?

Which landing page is the most engaging and leads to more interest and longer visits? Which landing page is visited the most? Where do users start? If not on a landing page, is a blog article being shared and valuable to our audience as a starting point?

Exit Pages

What is the last page your visitors view before departing? Like the previous one, this list is sorted by the number of unique views.

Where do you visitors leave? What's the last they see?

The "Median incoming pages" describes what's the median number of page views that led to the given exit page.

What can this table answer?

Is there consistency among visitors where they end their journey? Maybe users end their journey on a pricing page? That might be a red flag that pricing does not sit well with your current audience.

Bounced Pages

This table shows the number of unique visits to pages with no follow-up traffic. Here, your visitors started and ended their journey.

Where does your web traffic bounce?

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