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Start Tracking Website Traffic with Wide Angle Analytics

Tracking website traffic with Wide Angle Analytics is very easy.

How to add web analytics to your website in just 4 easy steps

All you need is:

  1. Wide Angle Account, you can create a free trial in a few seconds. No credit card is required.
  2. Access to your website CMS or code.
  3. Few minutes to spare. It really does not take more than that.

1. Create Account

We have a dedicated, step-by-step guide how to create an account. Don't worry, all you need is an email address.

2. Tell us which site you want to track

Now that you have created your account, tell us which website you would like to track.

  1. Add site in the Wide Angle Analytics administrative panel
  2. Copy the code snippet from the site settings.

3. Activate your site

By default, every site configuration you add to Wide Angle Analytics is marked as inactive. Once you are ready, activate your new site either from the Site List or directly in the site settings panel.

4. Add tracker to your website

This step will differ depending on how you host your website. We prepared multiple guides that cover popular CMS and publishing platforms.

If neither of the guides offers the necessary answers, please get in touch with our friendly support, and we will happily help in this process.

🥳 You're all done

That's it! You are all done and information about your website traffic will be visible in the dashboard.

The default configuration of Wide Angle Analytics respects user privacy, does not set any cookies and stores minimum amount of information. The data is yours and is never shared. We process it with outmost respect for EU laws and regulations. You won't need a Cookie Banner nor collect consent, but you might need to document the legitimate interest of such analytics in your Privacy Policy and other relevant disclosures.

The content of this article is not legal advice.
Always consult your Data Protection Officer or data privacy lawyer.

Still need help? In that case please contact our support via, email or chat.