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Handling Do-Not-Tracking browser setting

The industry's stance on Do-Not-Track (DNT) browser setting is contentious, and the header itself is considered obsolete. Because its meaning is ambiguous and there is no standardized interpretation, it is often ignored.

Wide Angle Analytics proudly handles the Do Not Track irrespective of broader adoption. Doing so allows your visitors to indicate their Opt-Out of the tracking process.

This implicit opt-out is essential when you intend to satisfy CNIL's Web Analytics checklist for consent-less analytics. The CNIL interpretation of analytics without explicit consent still assumes your visitors need the ability to decline to be the subject of your analytics.

The browser's Do Not Track setting is such a mechanism.

Ignoring Do Not Track

You can ignore the Do-Not-Track setting when needed, for example during testing or on internal pages where consent has been collected by other means.

<script async defer src="<UNIQUEID>.js" data-waa-dnt-supress="true"></script>

By adding a data-waa-dnt-supress="true" setting to your script loader, you will instruct the tracker script to ignore the DNT browser setting.

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