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Allowing Users and Visitors to Opt-Out from Tracking

Wide Angle Analytics employs cookieless tracking by default. Moreover, the script does not access terminal devices to use or generate identifiable data. Our comprehensive, irreversible anonymization is described in detail in another section of this documentation.

We utilize EU cloud storage and avoid International Data Transfer – all data remains within the EU/EEA. We can provide a signed Data Processing Agreement confirming this. Under GDPR, this enables you to gather analytics without explicit consent.

However, you can offer your users and visitors an explicit mechanism to opt out from tracking, in addition to the Do Not Track browser setting.

The Wide Angle Analytics script can be set to deactivate tracking if a particular cookie, or a cookie with a specific value, is present.

This enables you to embed a mechanism on your site. When a visitor opts out explicitly, setting a browser cookie is enough for Wide Angle Analytics to halt tracking. This setting is managed using the data-waa-disable-on-cookie script parameter.

Example configuration:

  src="<SITE ID>.js" 

In the example provided, if the script detects a cookie named WAA_CONSENT with a value of false, no data will be relayed to Wide Angle Analytics services.

Further configuration examples:

Setting Value Cookie Value Tracking Status
WAA_CONSENT=false WAA_CONSENT=true enabled
WAA_CONSENT=false WAA_CONSENT=false disabled
USER_CONSENT cookie not set enabled

The cookie-based opt-out method requires the script to access the browser cookie. As a result, the cookie must have the HttpOnly flag disabled.

The content of this page is not a legal advice.
Always consult your Data Protection Officer or data privacy lawyer.

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