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Disclosing Web Analytics in Privacy and Cookie Policy

All businesses with online presence need to provide necesary disclosures to their customers. You can avoid disruptive Cookie Consent banners if you leverage Wide Angle Analytics for you web analytics. However, you still might be required to disclose usage of such a service in your Privacy Policy. Moreover, if you use Cookie-enable mode, be sure to include additional disclosures in the Cookie Policy.

There are few products that offer tailored policy generation tools. These solutions allow to build convincing and digestable legalise in few easy steps.

One these is services is iubenda.

The Wide Angle Analytics is currently not listed in iubenda's Service directory. We have filled for inclusion via Community Forum.

Adding Wide Angle Analytics to iubenda

In you policy generation dashboard, select Add Service.

iubenda service dialog screenshot

Define Wide Angle Analytics

Define new Service with following details:

Name: Wide Angle Analytics


Wide Angle Analytics is a web analytics Software as a Service used by this Application to analyse  web traffic. 
Unless explicitly stated, any data considered Personal Data is irreversibly anonymized. 
More information about the data Wide Angle Analytics collects can be found 
<a href="">here</a>.

<strong>Personal Data collected</strong>
Usage Data
Location (country/province)
Device Information

<strong>Data location</strong>

Purpose: Analytics

Show this service on: Privacy Policy

Storage duration: Do not specify

iubenda service description screenshot

If you opt for Cookie-based tracker, please be sure to:

  • select Both in Show this service on section, and
  • disclose Storage duration of one day in Define a maximum storage duration across all cookies and trackers setting.
The content of this page is not a legal advice.
Always consult your Data Protection Officer or data privacy lawyer.

Still need help? In that case please contact our support via, email or chat.