Wix with Wide Angle Analytics

Wix is a platform enabling quick and easy deployment of blogs, online stores, landing pages and other online presence solutions.

You can easily enable and leverage Wide Angle Analytics to uncover visitor patterns and source of your online traffic. And you can achieve this in GDPR-compliant and privacy-friendly manner.

Adding Wide Angle Analytics to Wix Site

A Wix Premium plan with Custom Domain can leverage Custom Code being added. This is necessary to include Wide Angle Analytics tracking code.

  1. Go to your Site in the Wix dashboard
  2. Locate the Settings menu in the right-hand site sidebar
  1. In the Advanced section, you will find Custom code configuration option. Select it.
  2. In Custom code section, please click on Add Code link in the Body - End section.
  1. You will be presented an overlay. Paste your unique site code snippet. You will find it in your site details.

Depending on your needs, configure Add Code to Pages, but the most typical configuration assumes All pages being selected. To improve unique visitor counts, we recommend selecting Load code once option. Make sure to select Body - End in Place Code in section and press Apply 6. Follow Wix instruction whether you need to re-Publish the site to apply the changes.