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How to add web analytics to a Bubble NoCode Application

Step 1 - Create and Edit Bubble App

In your Bubble account, go to your app, and edit application settings.

Edit your Bubble application

Step 2 - Go to the plugin section

Open the Plugins panel.

Bubble plugins panel

And proceed to add more plugins.

Add new Bubble plugins

Step 3 - Find and install the plugin

Lookup "Wide Angle Analytics" plugin and press install

Search for Wide Angle Analytics plugin

Step 4 - Configure your plugin

Use configuration values from Wide Angle Analytics site settings.

Configure plugin using you Wide Angle Analytics site details

Once you complete the configuration, don't forget to deploy your changes in Bubble.

More configuration options Currently, the Wide Angle Analytics plugin for Bubble covers only basic settings. In upcoming releases, you will find the integration of Bubble workflows with tracking Custom Events.