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How to add web analytics to a landing page in Carrd

Multipage support

Carrd does not support traditional multipage sites. However, it is possible to mimic such a behaviour. The site will leverage URL Fragments/Hashes to render a selected sub-page. Be sure to enable "Support hash-based paths" in your Site Configuration to get detailed statistics about these page visits.

Implementing Wide Angle Analytics on Carrd

A Pro Standard and Plus plan with Carrd will unlock an option to embed custom code.

  1. In the Carrd Dashboard, pick your site.
Carrd dashboard screenshot
  1. Locate the top Toolbar and press the + (Plus) button.
Carrd site toolbar screenshot
  1. Choose the Embed option.
Carrd embed component creation screenshot
  1. In the left sidebar, you will be presented with the option of site element.
Carrd embed code dialog screenshot
  1. Select Type to be Code

  2. Make sure to set Style as Hidden and Body End

  3. In the Code section, please paste your unique site code snippet. You will find it in your site details.

  4. Be sure to Save and Publish your changes.