GDPR Web Analytics with Webflow

Webflow is an extremely powerful no-code website creation and hosting platform. It has grown in popularity in the last few years. Webflow quickly earned a spot as one of the most popular website and eCommerce platforms.

This section illustrates how to easily and quickly integrate Wide Angle Analytics, a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative, with your Webflow site.

Create and configure your site in Wide Angle Analytics

The first step is to define your website within the Wide Angle Analytics dashboard. Define site in Wide Angle AnalyticsYou will find a detailed description in the dedicated section of the documentation.

Create Webflow Site

Assuming you don't have one, create a new Webflow site. Once you log in and make the website, you will find it in the dashboard. Webflow dashboard

Time to configure tracker script

Navigate to site ⚙️ Settings menu. Webflow Site Settings

Next, locate Custom Code tab. Webflow Site Custom Code

Within Wide Angle Analytics site settings, locate the script section at the bottom. You can use a convenient copy to clipboard button. Page script

You must copy Page body script from Wide Angle to Footer Code in Webflow. Copy and paste Footer CodeDon't forget to press Save Changes to make your changes effective.

Optionally, you can copy Page heading script from Wide Angle to Header Code in Webflow. Copy and paste Header CodeThis will improve script loading time even further.