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Is Google Analytics GDPR Compliant? Can you safely use it on your website?

Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant?

It's Time Take Do-Not-Track Seriously. Explore the impact of Do Not Track (DNT) in GDPR compliance and privacy rights highlighted by LinkedIn's Berlin court case

Is Recognising Do Not Track (DNT) Signals Required Under the GDPR?

Google Analytics and the Meta Pixel help track and target individuals, but these products also snoop on millions of people every day.

Big Tech’s Tracking Tools: Google Analytics and the Meta Pixel

Newsletters are fun to write, easy to manage, and can help you speak directly to your customers. But is your newsletter GDPR compliant?

How to start a GDPR Compliant Newsletters

EU, US, China, India, Japan, Brazil and rest of the world is changing privacy laws. Does taking privacy seriously make good business sense?

The Tide Is Turning: 3 Reasons to Start Taking Privacy Seriously

The GDPR provides strict rules dictating how and when personal data can be transferred to a person in a country outside of Europe

GDPR: How and When to Use Data Transfer Derogations

Is your global Content Delivery Network GDPR Compliant? The answer might be more complicated than you think!

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and the GDPR

Many GDPR fines arise from organizations failing to implement Data Protection By Design and By Default correctly. Using Microsoft 365? You might have failed!

Data Protection By Design and By Default: How It Works In Practice

The right of access existed decades before the GDPR, but the CJEU is still answering questions about how it works.

Three Lessons on Subject Access Requests From the CJEU in 2023

While not always illegal, "Dark patterns" are deceptive user interfaces that trick people into acting against their best interests.

Dark Patterns: 10 Examples of Manipulative Consent Requests

Do you need to ask for consent? Should you? The subject of collecting consent under GDPR is not trivial. We can help.

What Is Consent Under the GDPR?

Legitimate interests might be the GDPR’s most poorly understood concept. Let's try to clarify with some concrete examples.

What is Legitimate Interests Under the GDPR

Google Analytics limits its service to a certain subset of data. You need to be aware of what you can and cannot push to your analytics platform.

What data can't be sent to Google Analytics?

Using Meta Pixel or Facebook Login is most likely still illegal under the GDPR and exposes you, not Meta, to a fine and legal risk.

Meta Pixel and Facebook Login: Are They Illegal in the EU?

Can you rely on SCCs for international data transfer? What's impact of Schrems II on SCCs? Can You use SCC to secure data transfer to AWS?

Standard Contractual Clauses: The Definitive Guide

A privacy impact assessment mitigates the risks of using personal data. It is vital for businesses to reduce risk.

What Is the Purpose of a Privacy Impact Assessment?

How a developer or a software organization can significantly decrease risk of security breach? These organizational and technical measures will save you.

How to Avoid Getting Hacked and Leak Credentials?

Is being privacy-friendly enough to fend off legal jeopardy and crippling fines? Spoiler: it is not.

Is Cloudflare Web Analytics more GDPR-compliant than Google Analytics?

What will impact web analytics and digital advertising when a user deletes cookies from their browser. Is this even a genuine concern?

What will happen if visitor clears the analytics cookies?

Google Analytics usage is deemed illegal in Denmark. To use Universal Analytics lawfully you need additional safeguards.

Danish DPA Ruled that Google Analytics is Illegal

Removing US-cloud and US-based vendors from the SaaS stack is possible, albeit quite difficult. But we did it and you can too!

Can you run online business without US-cloud?

Creating software and SaaS that is GDPR compliant is a long and challenging process. This guide by the privacy enforcement authority will help you get started.

GDPR Guide for Software Engineers and Engineering Organizations

Google Analytics is coming to an end. Is GA4 its natural successor? Time to review other, more responsible options.

Should you use Google Analytics 4 when Universal Analytics shuts down?

GDPR is one of the stringiest privacy and security laws in the world. Pay attention. Failure to do will yield a hefty fine.

What is GDPR and why does it matter to online privacy?

Wide Angle Analytics uses Apache Kafka persistence, reliability and scalability features while maintaining GDPR compliant retention rules. See how we do it.

GDPR Compliant Apache Kafka Deployment

A privacy-first Google Analytics alternative with full GDPR compliance exists. We built it for you. Deploy Wide Angle Analytics with peace of mind!

Effective and Compliant Google Analytics Alternative

So you need a Data Protection Officer to satisfy GDPR. Or maybe there are commercial benefits to hiring one. Who is DPO? How to find the right person?

The Importance Of A Data Protection Officer

GDPR applies to all, small and big enterprises. It is time to stop looking for excuses and get compliant.

Comply with GDPR or pay hefty fine

Data Compliance is a strategy to protect privacy and self-determination. Adherence to compliance rules guards businesses against fines and loss of customers.

Data Compliance for a Peace of Mind